Local Workshops

We have been implementing theatre and art workshops in Alcala la Real for the young people from different backgrounds. Here are the examples from the workshops we have held previously.

We have been implementing «Creative Act ( El Acto Creativo )» Workshops since 2 years : 

We want to carry out this project in the first place to energize the youth of the town, to create a space for reflection beyond the intellect, beyond gender and any other possible difference. The project stems from the love for theater, which springs from the center of our association and its components, due to the possibilities it offers to share essential aspects of our human condition and the space of respectful and loving self-observation that it generates.

When we try to solve a problem, we often tend to look for useful data that can guide us to the «correct» answer. This type of thinking, called convergent thinking, works very well when the problem we want to solve is clear and requires a reasonable solution. But for larger and more complex problems, convergent thinking may be too limited. By focusing on the existing facts to arrive at a specific answer, we are likely to miss out on some interesting solutions. Divergent thinking involves exploring many ideas based on a question, creating unexpected connections, and fostering spontaneity. Also, divergent thinking is the ability to generate many different original ideas in response to a given problem. Thus, ideas can generate new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by society and take your space to a new level using the methods of art.

Systematized education, the emotional disconnection that often occurs within the family, and the rhythm of life of the first world, despite offering many and varied opportunities in many aspects, leads many young people and adults to stagnate in the face of some problems and above all when it comes to doing the self-assessment and self-knowledge exercise that is so necessary when presenting yourself to the world and contributing your talent and work. It is very important to have a clear, friendly and realistic vision of the potential that one has to be able, among other things, to be able to project oneself in the world and be open and realistic when looking for a job or generating another. The development of creativity and the tools used on stage are a one-way path towards such valuable self-knowledge.

Invigoration of youth in the town of Alcalá la Real, contribution of self-knowledge tools through art, knowing and developing creative ability, expanding the ability to share and accept reality as it is.

To complete the prism of the objectives of the local theater project in Alcalá la Real we point out:

– Train a group of young people to lead a project
– Learn to carry out a project with an alternative communication.
– That young people learn to express freely, and thus generate another way of thinking.
– Create a safe space in which to open the theatrical capacities.
– That young people develop their creative abilities.
– That they learn tools of expression.
– Appease possible differences between people.
– Abolish prejudices
– Generate a multicultural space.